Postural Reactions & Head Righting Reflex

Postural reactions are important for maintaining an upright posture in sitting and


Head righting reflex is important for balance, if our head continues with the direction

of our body we could fall.


Both of these reflexes rely on good eye tracking, core strength, and an in-tune

vestibular system.


Eye tracking

We need our eyes to move easily. If we stumble our eyes should line up with the

horizon therefore balancing our head on top of our body and allowing our hands

to reach out to protect us.


Core strength

These are muscles that, when they’re strong, prevent back pain, provide a strong base for sitting posture, and help kids to stand tall.

But what does core strength have to do with kids and development? 

The simple answer is   A LOT.


Postural reactions, head righting reflex and core muscles work together and if one area is not equally as strong we can have issues with balance and co-ordination


Vestibular system

The vestibular system helps us understand what direction we are moving in from doing

roly-poly's, to sitting up tall, to walking backwards. If the vestibular system is not well developed, we can have issues with developing our lifelong reflexes of head righting and postural reactions.


If your child has any issues with

  • Eye tracking

  • Core strength

  • Vestibular system

This can lead to difficulties with:

  • Unable to catch a ball or throw at a target

  • Difficulty skipping, hopping and jumping

  • Walking down stairs

  • Bumping into furniture

  • Doing breast stroke

  • Riding a bike

  • Settling for sleep

  • Car motion sickness

  • Dislike movement on play equipment (swings, merry-go-round)

       & many more

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