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Upside Downs

A well-modulated vestibular system loves upside downs!

Upside downs are not only fun, but also great for your child’s balance,

posture and are also very calming!

It is important for children’s brains to experience a variety of movements

- be it up and down, left and right, and side to side to stimulate our

vestibular senses.

Did you know that upside downs are wonderful for kids of all ages?**

Do you do them with your child? Does your child enjoy them? Or find it a bit icky?

We have created 2 videos below to demonstrate how to safely do upside downs with your child.

  • upside downs 0 - 4 months

  • upside downs 5 months to 5 years.


* Please note upside downs should only be done a few times in a row (1-3 times), but can be done regularly throughout the week.

** Please do not do any upside downs on children with down syndrome, until you have consulted with your physiotherapist.

*** Genevieve is still working on her neck extension in upside downs.

Upside Downs

5 months - 5 years

Upside Downs

0 - 4 months

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