What are gross motor skills and why are they important?


Gross motor skills are those that enable us to move efficiently, to negotiate our environment, to balance, to run, jump, play games with balls and more.

Gross motor skills use the large muscles of the body. They are essential for movement and participating in activities at school and at home. If your child has a problem with their motor skills such as:

•             climbing and negotiating playground equipment like monkey bars,

•             copying games like follow the leader, Simon Says and freeze games,

•             running,

•             galloping and skipping,

•             ball skills - catching, throwing and kicking,

•             jumping and hopping,

•             swinging on a swing.

have your child assessed by the Albany Children’s Physio physiotherapist and we can liaise with your child's teacher and so your child can achieve their best at school and at home.

Gross motor skill development goes hand in hand with development of speech and fine motor skills.

Good motor skills stem from having developed good sensory motor skills – especially body and limb awareness and motor planning skills – something which we develop from birth and continues to develop right throughout our life span.

Good gross motor skills and body awareness are important for good posture, movement around the school, participation in games and sports and for general fitness, health and well-being.

Email us and in the subject line place "list of activities for school aged children" and we will send you 3 documents with activity ideas to develop your child's Gross Motor Skills.