Motor Planning and Sensory Motor Activities

Motor Planning and Sensory Motor Activities include but not limited to: Obstacle course, climbing and negotiating playground equipment. Visual copy games eg follow the leader. Verbal copy games eg Simon Says. Statues, freeze games, pretending to be a …. Game. Bouncing on a trampoline – jump on feet; bounce on knees; all fours and on hands. Galloping and skipping, skip with a rope. Hopscotch. Dancing and actions to music. Bouncing and doing actions on a fitball. Wheelbarrows. Scooter board – pull on tummy or with feet in sitting, negotiate obstacles. Swinging and spinning often help with whole body awareness.

What are gross motor skills and why are they important?

Gross motor skills are those that enable us to move efficiently, to negotiate our environment, to balance, to run, jump, play games with balls and more. Gross motor skills use the large muscles of the body. They are essential for movement and participating in activities at school and at home. If your child has a problem with their motor skills such as: • climbing and negotiating playground equipment like monkey bars, • copying games like follow the leader, Simon Says and freeze games, • running, • galloping and skipping, • ball skills - catching, throwing and kicking, • jumping and hopping, • swinging on a swing, have your child assessed by the Albany Children’s Physio physiotherapist and we

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